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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Academic Program

Electrical engineering and computer engineering are concerned with the exciting fields of electronics, computers, information technology, and the basic forms of energy that run our world. Electronics continue to bring forth new breakthroughs in solid-state technology (transistors, integrated circuits, VLSI chips, microprocessors, lasers, optical fibers), which in turn fuel the unprecedented revolution in telecommunications (internet, wireless, and digital signal processing), computers (software, security, and networking), instrumentation (biomedical, intelligent), and many other areas.

The undergraduate and graduate programs focus on three major areas: computers (algorithms, security, networking, hardware, and software), electro-physics (solid-state devices and sensors, analog, circuit design, and microwaves and photonics), and systems (telecommunications, automatic controls, and signal processing).

The culmination of the undergraduate programs is the capstone design project; this is a significant project that integrates the design content of previous courses while satisfying realistic constraints.