University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Il Yong Chun

Assistant Professor

Office: POST 205H

Tel: (808) 956-5174


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Curriculum Vitae

Il Yong Chun received the B.Eng. degree from Korea University in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree from Purdue University in 2015, both in electrical engineering.

He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa (UHM) in 2019 as an Assistant Professor. Prior to joining UHM, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematics, Purdue University, and a Research Fellow in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Michigan, from 2015-2016 and 2016-2019, respectively. During his Ph.D., he worked with Intel Labs, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and Neuroscience Research Institute, as a Research Intern or a Visiting Lecturer.

His research interests include

  • machine learning & artificial intelligence with "big data",
  • optimization,
  • compressed sensing, and
  • adaptive signal processing,
applied to
  • medical imaging (e.g., X-ray CT, MRI, PET, and SPECT),
  • computational photography (e.g., light-field photography, depth estimation, and 3D obj. tracking), and
  • neuroscience (e.g., sports-related brain abnormalities).