University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Group members

Chun research group members as of June 3, 2020

Chaired graduate research

Felix, Clyde James (MS student, EE: Systems and Data Science, Fall 2020–)
MR image reconstruction, iterative neural network
Co-mentoring with Prof. Andy Stenger (JABSOM & UH/QMC MRI Research Center)

Graduate students whose dissertation research I chaired

Harun, Md Yousuf (MS, EE: Systems, 2020)
Microscopic image segmentation
Co-chaired with Prof. Aaron Ohta (EE)
Ph.D. student at RIT EME (Fall 2020–)

Doctoral students whom I am co-mentoring or co-mentored in other institutions

Ye, Siqi (PhD student of Prof. Yong Long at SJTU)
Low-dose CT reconstruction, iterative neural network

Li, Zhipeng (PhD student of Prof. Yong Long at SJTU)
Dual-energy CT material decomposition, iterative neural network

Huang, Zhengyu (PhD student of Prof. Ted Norris at UMich EECS)
Light field photography using a focal stack, iterative neural network, depth estimation, 3D object tracking/positioning

Zheng, Xuehang (PhD student of Prof. Yong Long at SJTU)
Low-dose CT reconstruction, learned regularizer, iterative neural network, self-supervised learning

Lim, Hongki (PhD, UMich EECS, 2020)
Low-count emission tomography reconstruction, iterative neural network
Siemens Research, Princeton (Oct. 2020–)

Jang, Ikbeom (PhD, Purdue ECE, 2019)
Neuroimaging (diffusion tensor imaging), sports-related sub-concussion, CNN-based data quality control
A. A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH, Boston

Visiting scholars

Dr. Sung Soo Hwang (Assistant Professor of CSEE at Handong Global University)
Visual SLAM, end-to-end self-driving cars (Mar. 2021–Jan. 2022)