University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

*Prospective students, post-docs, visitors*

Prospective graduate students, post-docs, and visitors for Il Yong Chun's research group

Thank you for your interest in my machine learning, data science, and imaging science research at the University of Hawai'i—Mānoa.

To get a feeling about what are the current projects in my group, look at our recent publications. Reading the "future work" section of any recent paper is a reasonable way to see possible future directions. However, every member of my group is unique and I work with each person to find a project that suits their interests and strengths.

If you want to express interest in joining my group via email, please include one of the following keys in the subject line: [chun-phd] or [chun-postdoc] or [chun-visitor] as appropriate to your situation. Also, include your name in the subject line.

In your email, I suggest

  • describing your research interest (at least theory vs application),
  • highlighting your skills and strength based on your attached resume and transcript(s) (with GPA(s) higher than or equal to 3.3), and
  • exaplaing why those are useful for doing research in your interest.
I prefer to work with students who think logically and really try to find an advisor whose interests match theirs (rather than sending mass emails).

If you are a Ph.D. applicant, then I will certainly consider you for financial aid decisions that are made in the Spring.
If you are a prospective post-doc or visitor, then please also create a Google scholar entry for yourself. It is helpful for prospective mentors/employers.


If you are a UHM undergraduate student interested in performing undergraduate research experience with my group, use the subject line [chun-ugrad] along with your name, and attach a pdf of your transcript (unofficial is fine) so I can see what courses you have taken. This is the list of currently available projects: