University of Hawaii

Department of Electrical Engineering

Tech Links

Resources that may be of interest to EE students ...  

    Wolfram Mathematica tools in the Cloud and Language Tutorials

FPGA-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual combines expertise and best practices from Xilinx and Synopsys

       UC Berkeley Robotics Program "Pioneers in Engineering" Resources Wiki

Adafruit:  Electronics Fun!  and Stuff

    Multiphysics simulation papers   and  COMSOL Conference User Presentations

NIST Information Technology Laboratory Security Bulletins

      Recon Jet vs.  Google Glass or Make-your-own wearable computers     

WearFin prototype wireless control


Core Dump analysis for beginners

              High Performance Processors     

     Nice soldering guide

Digikey TechXchange Board

Tech Leadership advice

Free Design Spark PCB software