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E.J. Weldon, Jr. received his BS degree from Manhattan College (NYC) in 1958 and his PhD degree from the University of Florida in 1963. Both degrees are in Electrical Engineering.

Ned Weldon worked at Bell Labs until he joined the University of Hawaii in 1966. He has written a number of technical papers and two books, is a Fellow of the IEEE, and has served as a consultant for dozens of technology-based companies.

Dr. Weldon teaches a course on Computer-Communication Networks. In the past he has taught courses on Digital Communications, Probability, Computer Architecture, Error-Correcting Codes, and VLSI Circuits.

Ned Weldon's area of general interest is computer-communication networks. He has a specific interest in developing economically important products for use in such networks. He has had a significant amount of entrepreneurial experience and understands the financing and operation of high-tech companies. As a result, he serves as an advisor to students, faculty members, and other individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions.