Combined Bachelor's & Master's Degree (BAM) Pathways afford a way for highly motivated students to efficiently complete a Bachelor’s degree and Master's degree in a shorter time frame by double-counting course work (up to 9 credits) at the undergraduate tuition rate. In most cases, pathway students graduate with the Bachelor's degree and Master's degree within 5 years (total). See checksheets for summary.

If you are interested, email Graduate Chair,


The following are required for admission to the BAM Program:

  • have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • have at least a B+ in one of the gateway courses:
    • EE 361 for Computer Engineering track
    • EE 371 for Electrophysics track
    • EE 315 for Systems & Data Science track
  • have a faculty recommend you for the BAM program

Applying in junior year is encouraged to take full advantage of double-counting.

Double-Counted Courses

The following courses taken while enrolled in the BAM program (typically in the fourth year) can be double-counted:

Computer Electrophysics Systems & Data Science

EE 468

EE 602 or EE 660

EE 607 or EE 609

EE 438 or EE 480

EE 624 or EE 671

EE 681 or EE 682

EE 417 or EE 445

EE 615 or EE 617

EE 640 or EE 650

Notice that you must be enrolled in the BAM program for the double-counting to work. For example, if you take EE468 before you are enrolled in the BAM program, it will not be double-counted.


Applications should be made in the junior year (5th or 6th semester).  Students must submit a regular MS application in Electrical Engineering and fee at  Please send an email alert to when you are ready to submit your application. In addition, please arrange an email recommendation from a faculty in your major track to

Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree is conferred after successful completion of all required coursework, including meeting the minimum upper division credit requirement (currently 45 credits) for the undergraduate degree (ideally in the 8th semester).

Graduate Enrollment

Pathway students generally begin their 9th semester as “graduate students,” and continue the master’s degree program at the graduate tuition rate. Continuous enrollment after conferral of the bachelor’s degree is required (unless on approved leave of absence after the first semester as a graduate student).

Graduate Degree

Aside from the double-counted classes, BAM students must satisfy either MS Plan A (thesis) or MS Plan B (non-thesis) degree requirements in order to obtain both a bachelor and master degree.