Recent Results

The following results will be presented on Wednesday, July 2, 09:30 - 10:30 at the Ala Halawai Concourse (outside 313).

List of Recent Results Posters

F. Nielsen and R. Nock Optimal 1D Bregman k-Means and an Application to Learning Statistical Mixtures
B. Haeupler How to Have a Conversation Despite Noise Error Correction for Interactive Communications
Q. Chen and R. W. Yeung Multi-Partition-Symmetrical Entropy Functions
J. Notzel Hypothesis Testing on Invariant Subspaces of S_n - Quantum Sanov's Theorem and Arbitrarily Varying Sources
H. Boche, M. Cai, and C. Deppe Broadcast Classical-Quantum Capacity Region of Two-Phase Bidirectional Relaying Channel
L. Wei and J. Corander Capacity of Correlated Multi-Cluster MIMO Channels
J. Blanchard, J. Tanner and K. Wei CGIHT: Conjugate Gradient Iterative Hard Thresholding
M. Jeon and J. Lee Systematic Error Correcting Codes for Non-binary WOM Codes
I. Maric and D. Hui Short Message Noisy Network Coding with Rate Splitting
K. V. Rashmi, N. B. Shah, D. Gu, H. Kuang, D. Borthakur, and K. Ramchandran A "Hitchhiker's" Guide to Fast and Efficient Data Reconstruction in Erasure-coded Data Centers
Y. W. Huang, Y. C. Kao, Y. C. Chao and Y. Li Zero Placement in Complex Golay Sequences


Each presenter will be given a poster board for display, which measures 45" x 91.5". The stationery and hardware necessary for putting up posters on the boards will be provided on location. Poster presenters will be required to set up their posters prior to the start of the session.